Utah Citizen Activists and Medicaid Expansion

“Karina Andelin Brown, 46, was one of the activists who originally submitted Proposition 3 in November 2017, kicking off the campaign. A stay-at-home parent in Logan, Brown was a lifelong Republican before becoming active in her local Democratic Party in 2016. She ran a long-shot candidacy for the state House of Representatives seat in her northeastern Utah district last year, but lost to the GOP incumbent 76 percent to 24 percent.

Brown is upset the legislature didn’t allow Proposition 3 to take effect as voters approved, but said she’s still glad at least some more Utahns will have access to health care.  

“It shows that Utahns are more progressive than our elected officials,” Brown said. “I hope that Utahns are motivated and take that frustration they feel, or happiness, or excitement, or whatever they feel from this whole process and take it into the 2020 elections.”