KUTV News Article and Television Interview 2/24/16


"I wanted to be here today to speak for those in similar situations of my mother." Karina Andelin Brown spoke about her mother who died at the age of 64.

"She passed away in 2013 of an acute stroke. She was too young for Medicare and did not qualify for Medicaid."

Brown's mom raised seven kids on her own while working and going to school, but died in the so called coverage gap when she was no longer covered as a senior.

"I just think it is so important to have compassion, for the residents of Utah that are not currently living happily ever after story" Brown said.

She urged Utahn's to think beyond themselves with Medicaid expansion.

"Sometimes when you are in your own story and everything is going great, maybe it is hard to have empathy for those having a hard time, but it is important to remember that human factor."

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