Aggies Unite Utah House District 5 Candidate Discussion

Chávez pointed out the the unique opportunity students had to engage with local candidates at the meeting.

“Instead of having it in the form of a debate, we’re having it in the form of a conversation,” she said. “They’re getting to express the issues that matter to them in the community, but the students get to ask to the candidates about what they would do.”

Brown, who has served as the secretary for the Utah Democratic Health Care Caucus, supported initiatives offering action on pressing issues facing Utahns.

“If we can get the ballot initiative to expand medicaid, Proposition 3, passed, approximately 150,000 Utahns will get healthcare privileges,” Brown said. “Healthcare isn’t the only area of life that we need to fight for vulnerable Utahns — we need to protect our children, guard the abused, lift the poor.”