Local Candidates and Campaign Slogans


On the south end of the valley, in House District 5, Democrat Karina Andelin Brown’s slogan is “Your Voice Matters.”

She said the tagline comes from her experience in working as a health care advocate. She is one of five sponsors of Proposition 3, the Utah Medicaid expansion ballot initiative. Throughout the process of going to Capitol Hill and participating in committee meetings, she said she learned that everyday citizens like her can make a difference.

“I’ve really learned that my voice matters but also the voices of everyone else,” Brown said.

Candidate Forum for People with Disabilities


“In the race for House District 5, Brown said she is a member of the Northern Utah Trauma Resiliency Collaborative and secretary for the Utah Democratic Health Care Caucus. She said she sees the problems in the community and the lack of mental health services. She said it would be helpful to focus on abuse prevention and getting more social workers in schools.”

House candidate Brown reaches out to voters in Hyrum 9/5/18

“I wanted to have the event advertised in Spanish too so that they know that they’re welcome and I’m interested in hearing what they have to say,” Brown said.

Maria Guadalupe Garnica, a Hyrum resident, said health care and education funding are the two most important issues for her. She said Brown will have her vote.

“Buen amiga — good friend,” Garnica said of the Democrat.




Self-financed or small donors? June 20, 2018

Brown, a health care advocate, has raised $5,074 and spent $2,666, leaving $2,408 in the bank. She has contributed $280 in her own money, but the majority of her funding has come from small donations from individuals. More than 45 individuals, mostly with Utah addresses, have chipped in donations averaging less than $100.

“I’m proud of my donors — that they’re local and they support me,” Brown said.

Brown said she recently created a campaign field plan to get out and knock on doors, and she intends to ramp up her fundraising efforts in the coming months to prepare for November.

“The personal connection with the voters is what is most important to me,” Brown said. “You can’t buy that.”

Local Candidates File to Run for State Legislature - March 22, 2018

"Karina Andelin Brown is a self-described Utah health care advocate. She is involved with the Utah Health Policy Project and the Utah Medicaid expansion ballot initiative.

Health care is a personal issue for her. She said she is passionate about supporting and passing Gov. Herbert’s Healthy Utah plan, which she said could have helped her mother, who died in 2013. She said her mother was in the coverage gap and was 10 months away from qualifying for Medicare.

Other legislative priorities include education, environmental stewardship and economic development.

“I have a unique perspective and I think it’s important to have balance in our Legislature, and I think I can help provide that balance,” Brown said."

Democratic Candidate Wave - March 31, 2018

"After Brown contacted the Utah state legislators – all of them – in Oct. 2015 over a Medicaid-expansion plan, she found herself at the state capitol in Jan. 2016. She felt overwhelmed then, feeling like she was one of the only people in a room who did not belong there.

But now, she realizes that citizens should feel like they belong, besides being empowered with knowledge of on-the-hill advocacy."

Cache Democrats Optimistic at Convention- April 21, 2018

Beus said local Democrats won’t be able to raise money like the Republicans can, but if they can get out and knock doors, talk to their neighbors and donate money, he said he thinks his party could turn the county blue.

“Honestly I believe that every race we have is winnable,” Beus said. “Every one.”

Abc 4 Television Interview


February 20, 2018 interview broadcast on ABC 4 Utah

"While Washington politicians continue to fight over health care, the Utah Decides Healthcare campaign lets Utah voters take control of their healthcare system and decide what is best for their families. Utah Decides Healthcare is a citizen’s ballot initiative dedicated to placing the Utah Decides Healthcare Act on the November 2018 ballot."