Grassroots Activism and Medicaid Expansion in Utah

“Brown’s election campaign faces long odds—Cache County has not elected a Democrat to the state legislature in decades, and it has never elected a woman. But Brown said that she is motivated largely by the chance to promote Proposition 3. She had knocked on hundreds of doors and has found that “people are receptive to it,” she said. “One of my neighbors, who’s a Republican, she asked me the other day, ‘Why wouldn’t we want to help people?’ ”

Aggies Unite Utah House District 5 Candidate Discussion

Chávez pointed out the the unique opportunity students had to engage with local candidates at the meeting.

“Instead of having it in the form of a debate, we’re having it in the form of a conversation,” she said. “They’re getting to express the issues that matter to them in the community, but the students get to ask to the candidates about what they would do.”

Brown, who has served as the secretary for the Utah Democratic Health Care Caucus, supported initiatives offering action on pressing issues facing Utahns.

“If we can get the ballot initiative to expand medicaid, Proposition 3, passed, approximately 150,000 Utahns will get healthcare privileges,” Brown said. “Healthcare isn’t the only area of life that we need to fight for vulnerable Utahns — we need to protect our children, guard the abused, lift the poor.”

Meet the Candidates at Utah State University

Karina Andelin Brown, Democrat running for Utah House District 5

Brown is one of five sponsors of Proposition 3, a medicaid expansion initiative. Education and higher teacher pay are her priority, as well as suicide and opioid abuse prevention. Brown’s main promise to students is to “help prepare them for 21st century jobs.”

One of five sponsors of Prop 3, which would expand Medicaid coverage.

Utah Public Radio Interview

“Brown said she is taking the opportunity to ride on the float to represent her party and to introduce herself to those she hopes to represent, especially women.

"I feel like the time is now for women to be more engaged and involved in all levels of our society, including politics,” Brown said. “We have a tendency to hold back and I think that we need to feel free to voice our concerns and our opinions and get involved.”

Republican Special Election

“I’m glad that tonight my fellow Republicans had a choice,” Brown said. “Had I not been on the ballot, they would not have had a choice.”

He stressed the importance of Republicans coming together like they did Wednesday.

“We came together and made a decision, and I support that decision,” Brown said.

Brown’s wife, Karina, told the newspaper in a written statement: “I think it’s important for voters to have options. I love our democracy and look forward to a good race the next few weeks.”