Randall Rees, Campaign Manager

I was born and raised in Logan, Utah. I graduated from Logan High School, class of 2011. I am currently attending Arizona State University, studying both political science and liberal studies.

Being part of Karina Brown’s campaign has been an opportunity to apply my degree in a way that promotes the best candidate for Utah House of Representatives. It is always a proud moment to say that I am a part of Karina Brown’s campaign. 


Josh Velasquez, High School Campaign Intern

I  am a senior at Logan High School, and currently serve as Chair of the Utah High School Democrats. I previously served as Outreach Director of the Utah High School Democrats, and as Vice President of the Logan Youth City Council. I was instrumental in the passage of the Concurrent Resolution on Environmental and Economic Stewardship, which reversed an earlier resolution that denied the science of climate change and the effects it has on the residents of Utah. Through this experience I gained a first hand understanding of the power of democracy. I learned to recognize the worth of my voice and the ability it has to enact change. I am devoted to empowering my fellow youth by aiding them in the realization that their voice matters, that it is a powerful instrument of change, and that it is capable of accomplishing great things.


Elizabeth Brown, High School Intern

I am a junior at Ridgeline High School. I enjoy attending campaign events and working on my mom’s campaign.

I am passionate about social activism, animal rights, and all things musical. I play five instruments (violin, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, piano) and enjoy performing in musicals. I have been involved in healthcare activism for three years and animal rights activism for five.