I have enjoyed running for office in the race for Utah House District 5. I did not win the race, but I wish Casey Snider the best in his role as state representative. I will communicate with him on issues I feel are important to our district and state.

I have had wonderful experiences meeting with people in the community. It is an honor to receive votes from people of various demographic backgrounds. A few people told me this was their first time to vote or their first time to vote for a Democrat.

I look forward to continuing my advocacy work for the people of Utah:

Democratic Healthcare Caucus

Voterise 2020 Challenge Ambassador

Northern Utah Trauma Resiliency Collaborative

President, Children’s Justice Center Friends Board

Building Committee Chair, Family Justice Center

Co-Chair, Better Days 2020 Top of Utah Planning Committee

Cache Chamber Legislative Affairs Committee

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - leader for teen girls

I am pleased that Proposition 3 passed! it will be a benefit to vulnerable Utahns. Through this experience I have learned that my voice matters. I am grateful I have had the privilege of working with dedicated advocates and have learned so much from each of them.

As a society we experience conflict and have problems, yet I take comfort from the words of Abraham Lincoln- “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”