Hello Friends,

Curt Webb has announced that he is not running for reelection for Representative of Utah House District 5. We are grateful to him for years of dedication and selfless service. 

Now is a great opportunity to build off this legacy of innovation and progress for the wonderful people of District 5. With this goal in mind, I am announcing my candidacy to be your representative for Utah House District 5. This process is sure to be full of opportunity, and I appreciate your support in garnering successes for our district. 

People have asked me why I am running as a Democrat in a heavily Republican district.

It is important to know how I came to this place.

Healthcare has been my priority since my mother passed away in the healthcare coverage gap. She died of an acute stroke in 2013, when she was just a few months short of qualifying for Medicare.

She was a single mother with seven kids who, for the majority of her life, did not get regular medical screenings and checkups.

Seeking help for folks like my mom brought me a life-changing experience that made clear to me that my voice mattered.

This moment was in October 2015, as Governor Herbert’s Healthy Utah Plan was in the news. After studying the details, I knew that his plan would have helped provide the care my mother needed for primary stroke prevention...saving my mother’s life. One afternoon, I emailed my thoughts to all of the Utah lawmakers. I heard back from several of them, and one representative even called me. Since then, I have been increasingly more involved in healthcare advocacy. 

Through my experience of speaking up and speaking out, I have learned that my voice matters and your voice matters too.

Healthy Utah would have saved my mother’s life.

Since then, I have volunteered as a healthcare advocate in Utah.

Just three months after I emailed the Utah legislators, I was at the state capitol. I learned that citizens should feel like they belong there and gained knowledge of on-the-hill advocacy.

We do not have to accept whatever is handed to us! It’s time for the people to decide, rather than to have corporations and lobbyists telling us what will happen!

Upon these realizations, I registered as a Democrat.

As a state, we need to be more compassionate in our leadership style.

“Democrats understood to be the next big thing should take pages out of the playbooks of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, of Prime Minister Tony Blair, of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

And literally, I can fight for constituents: I do kickboxing!

Rep. Ray Ward was the lawmaker who called me. I appreciate him, as I do other Republicans. (Are you fan like I am of Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox?)

We care about each other. Let’s unite our voices and work together to improve life for our children and for our community. In the words of Martin O’Malley, “Politics is about people, not power.” I look forward to hearing from you, listening to your concerns, and diligently representing you in Utah House District 5.